Oak Tree Labour Hire


Oak Tree Devanning is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for our employees. 

We see health and safety as everyone's business – Oak Tree's, the Employees and Customers, and everyone is expected to share in our commitment to avoid all accidents and incidents that may cause personal injury, property damage, or loss of any kind.

 We will ensure the safety of our employees by:


  • Working with our CUSTOMERS to ensure that they have satisfactory Health and Safety policies and procedures in place and that all practicable steps have been taken to eliminate, isolate and, or minimise onsite hazards. Where accidents do occur, no matter how minor, Oak Tree will follow up on work conditions at the site to ensure that the site is safe for the on-going safety of our staff.
  • Working with our EMPLOYEES to ensure they are educated on identifying potential hazards that could occur at work sites and communicating these hazards to the appropriate people. Education, training and supervision will be ongoing to ensure that employee's act safely at all times to ensure their own welfare and that of their fellow employees and others in the workplace. Employee participation in the Health and Safety process will be encouraged and rewarded.
  • Working as an ORGANISATION to ensure that all practicable steps are taken to ensure the safety of our employees by working closely with customers and employees to prevent any personal injury, property damage or loss of any kind. Planned self-inspections of Health and Safety policy and procedures will be carried out regularly and steps taken to add to and improve on these.

 For more detail regarding Oak Tree's Health and Safety policies and procedures, click here.