Oak Tree Labour Hire


Oak Tree's core business is unloading containers. Our teams get in, finish the job and move out, leaving our customers to focus on more important things.

Because our people are doing this day in and day out they're practiced in the finer points of devanning, so can get the job done quickly and accurately, avoiding product damage.

Typically we palletise by product type, shrink wrap and forklift.

Oak Tree handles all sorts of stock, typical examples include: 25kg bags, 50kg bags, various hardware products, beer, wine, assorted drinks, seed, cereals, tissues, air conditioning units, confectionary products, tinned fruit, assorted supermarket products... and anything else that comes our way.

Rates depend on product type and are therefore, varied. Call 0508-OAKTREE for a quote.

Oak Tree has teams expert in loading containers for export. We handle various product including 25kg and 50kg bags using stacking patterns to maximise space.

Rates depend on product type so are varied. Call 0508-OAKTREE for a quote.

Oak Tree provides general labourers for work related to the logistics industry with a minimum charge of 4 hours.  Please call 0508-OAKTREE for a quote.

Most of our workers have forklift licenses and are available for contract forklift work with a minimum charge of 4 hours.  Please call 0508-OAKTREE for a quote.