Wednesday, March 27, 2024
News from Pathway Charitable Group.

The humble bicycle.

Out of necessity or by choice, the two-wheeled mode of transport is as prevalent on our roads as it's ever been.

Living in a city the size of Christchurch, getting around can be a little tricky at times.

But thanks to those within the youth unit at Christchurch Men’s Prison, staff at Oak Tree Devanning don’t have to worry quite as much about how they’re going to get from A to B.

For the last several months Pathway’s relaunched bike programme has been providing restored bicycles for men being released from prison and heading back into the community. The work is carried out on prison grounds in its youth unit, led by an experienced bike mechanic.

These bikes are also available to Oak Tree staff on a case-by-case basis who are in desperate need of an effective, low-cost mode of transport. At least two of the team have been provided with restored bikes - one after he had his previous bike stolen and another who was spending up to $30 a week renting e-scooters so he could get to work.

Oak Tree operations coordinator Deane Rose says the bikes were an ideal option for those with no other viable transport options.

“We’re trying to help them as much as we can because some start times are before the buses, so that’s where the bike can get them to work and working."

“If you know they have trouble getting around, you don’t get to give them as many jobs, so a bike helps reduce that reliability issue. We had one guy walk away beaming because he got his transport back and another guy is saving a bit of money each week, so it’s been really good for them.’’