Our Customers: Hilton Haulage

Hilton Haulage has been a loyal customer of Oak Tree Devanning’s for many years now. Alongside Oak Tree’s devanning services, Hilton Haulage recently began using its new hourly labour for hire offering.

“Hilton use 2-6 of our staff members each day depending on how busy things are at the site,” says Oak Tree Team Leader Clayton Baker. “It is actually a sought-after site among our staff because of its especially good work conditions and really positive atmosphere.”

Each week, day or even morning, Hilton Haulage get in touch with their Oak Tree site liaison to let them know their staffing needs for the day ahead. Pre-agreed worker profiles with requirements such as an F endorsement, MPI certification and the right personal characteristics make sure they get staff that suit their business everytime they book.

“Over time we have built up a high level of trust between us,” says Baker, “they know they can call me and we will get the job done.”

Hilton Haulage Storage Manager Martyn Sim agrees, “It has been a good service, really good communication and Oaktree have supplied pretty much exactly what we wanted. It’s pretty impressive.”

If you think Oak Tree can help with casual staff at your site, phone 0508 OAK TREE or visit oaktreedevanning.co.nz.

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